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Things to Know about a PC 647(b) Prostitution Charge:

  1. Undercover Cop "Decoy Prostitutes"- If you tried to talk to a prostitute, and she turned out to be an undercover cop who got you arrested, don’t despair, you have a lot of options. I’ve gotten hundreds of these cases dismissed so it’s not on your record. Even more, on many I’ve gotten the arrest record sealed so there’s no evidence you were ever even arrested.

  2. DEJ- In many instances, the Judge can enter a “deferral entry of judgment” or “DEJ”- which means you can get your case dismissed simply by doing a class and taking an HIV test.

  3. Sting Operations- Many local police departments, especially the LAPD, conduct special “sting” operations whereby they have undercover police officers pose as prostitutes, who then lure their male victims to try and make a deal with them. These shady operations usually arrest dozens of men at a time so the police can meet their quota of arrests.

  4. Flimsy Evidence- Many soliciting for prostitution cases (PC 647(b)) are brought on the flimsiest evidence. For example, often the police are equipped with audio recording devices but do not turn them on, so they have no objective evidence of a conversation between you and the undercover officer. This makes for a he-said, she-said type of case, which is not a strong case against you.

  5. Insufficient Evidence- An experienced and committed criminal defense attorney can beat your prostitution case by showing the prosecutor that there is not enough evidence to convict you.

  6. Here are some examples of ways this has been done:

    • Scenario #1: A man sees a beautiful woman on the side of the street (who is actually an undercover police officer posing as a prostitute). The man has no intention of actually hiring the prostitute, but just wants to be amused or simply wants to satisfy his curiosity about her lifestyle. Analysis: CASE DISMISSED because defendant did not have the specified intent.

    • Scenario #2: Same scenario as #1 above except the man intends on hiring the prostitute for sexual services. However, when it’s time to pull over to the side of the road to pick her up at the corner, the man gets cold feet and decides to drive away instead. Analysis: CASE DISMISSED because the man, though he formulated an intent, then instead of carrying it out, abandoned his intent to pick up the prostitute. This abandonment is a defense against the crime.

    • Scenario #3: A man sees a beautiful woman on the side of the street (who is actually an undercover police officer posing as a prostitute), except the man has no intention of paying for sex, but wants to have sex with the prostitute for free, i.e. to pick her up. Analysis: CASE DISMISSED because in order to be found guilty of this crime, you have to make a deal for money.
  7. Entrapment- is a legal defense to prostitution. Entrapment is when the officer “traps” you or aggressively pressures you to make a deal with her, even though you don’t want to. Because the undercover decoy prostitutes are actually police officer trying to get you to make a deal with them, they often lure their unknowing victims by well-used tactics. An experienced criminal defense attorney can use the entrapment defense to help you avoid a criminal conviction.

  8. Reduced Charges- Sometimes a case cannot be dismissed, but it can be reduced to a lesser charge that doesn’t look so bad on your record. For example, many times PC 647(b) prostitution cases are reduced to PC 415, Disturbing the Peace or PC 602 Trespass. In this way, prospective employers or people in your personal life will not know about the prostitution charge.

  9. Seal and Destroy- There exists a process called “seal and destroy” where even after your case is DISMISSED, the entire record that you were ever even arrested for this crime, which is usually on your RAP sheet, can be sealed and then destroyed. In this way, you can be assured that no one, not even law enforcement or a judge, can ever know you were arrested for soliciting a prostitute.

  10. Immigration Consequences- Solicitation for Prostitution is considered a “crime of moral turpitude” which means if you are not a United States citizen, you can get deported or barred from getting naturalized. It makes it that much important to get an experienced criminal defense attorney who can work with your immigration situation.

  11. Jury Trial- Juries usually don’t like to hear PC 647(b) cases because prostitution is not a big deal for a lot of jurors, and they consider it a waste of their time to sit on a jury for a measly prostitution case. This is good news for you: juries will not convict on the flimsy evidence brought by the prosecution, and are often annoyed with the authorities for bringing the cases at all.

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